AVIGNON - Temple Saint-Martial

Organ : 3 keyboards , pedalboard - 27 stops




Organ built in 1984. The conception is " classic French ". It is the application of the principles of Dom-Bedos "art of the organ builder " as regards the manufacturing of pipes and of all the instrumental part. The cases, in oak and chestnut tree are voluntarily of a sober drawing, without particular stylistic references to be integrated into the Gothic architecture of this building of the 14th century, naked and without any decoration.

The organ is situated on a gallery in bottom of the nave. The last two rows of this nave are missing. The ground level of origin is also approximately 1,50m more low than the current. This particular configuration generates an acoustics extremely reverberating and enhancing.
The mechanical action is corresponding to the usual standards of the French organ: suspended for the Great-Organ and the "Récit", balanced for the Positive. The organ is fed by 2 cuneiform bellows of 8 feet X 4 feet that can be manually activated by their lever. An ordinary use by a ventilator is naturally possible.

The temperament is unequal, and the hammered pipework was completely cut to lenght. Although the voicing of this instrument is in accordance with the French classic standard of the 2nd half of 18 th century : low mouths, high pressures and closed feet, this instrument speaks "loud".

This is mainly due to the very particular acoustic criteria of this nave, truncated in both directions, in which the slightest sound develops and increases in a considerable way.

Composition :


Positif - 54 notes Grand Orgue - 54 notes Récit - 30 notes Pédale - 32 notes
Bourdon 8' Bourdon 16' Cornet 5 rangs Bourdon 16'
Principal 8' Montre 8'   Flûte 8'
Montre 4' Bourdon 8'   Prestant 4'
Flûte 4' Prestant 4'   Basson 16'
Nazard 2 2/3' Nazard 2 2/3'   Trompette 8'
Doublette 2' Doublette 2'    
Quarte de Nasard 2' Tierce 1 3/5'    
Tierce 1 3/5' Fourniture 4 rangs    
Plein-jeu 5 rangs Cymbale 3 rangs    
Cromorne 8' Voix Humaine 8'    
  Trompette 8'    
  Clairon 4'    

couplers : I/II et III/II

Pedalcouplers :G.O. 2 Tremblants

unequal temperament