SAINT-CHAMOND- Eglise Saint-Julien

Organ : 1 keyboard of 51 notes (C1 à D5) cut betweenC3 et C#3, pedalboard - 10 stops




Built in 1985. its conception looks like that of an Iberian organ, in particular those of the province of Albacete. It is situated in bottom of the nave and on a gallery. The church of the 18th, transformed at various times offers an acoustics relatively reverberating but precise.
The case is entirely in Elm with inlay of burr elm. The mechanics is suspended. A cuneiform bellows of 6 feet X 4 feet in the lower case feeds two windchests with basses and top (cut in C * 3)

The voicing is established on a 65 mm wind pressure. The tuning was made according to the temperament Kinberger III. All the pipework is hammered, completely cut to length. The stop of Cornet is a copy of the "Gran-Cornetta" of the organ of Lietor (Alabacete, 18th). It consists of 6 ranks, the first rank is of 8 feet open and conical, the second is of 4 feet opened, and then 2 2/3, 2, 1 3/5 and 1 1/3.


Composition :


Grand-Orgue - 51 notes Pédale - 30 notes
Montre 8' Grosse Flûte 8'
Bourdon 8'  
Prestant 4'  
Quinte 2 2/3'  
Doublette 2'  
Plein-jeu 3-4 rangs  
Cymbale-Tierce 2 rangs  
Cornet 6 rangs (C3)  
Trompette 8'  

Pedalcoupler - Tremulant