The study Organs





The workshop of Pascal Quoirin worked on the conception of 2 types of organ specially designed for the study and, of course, for the enjoyment. 
They are intended for music schools (a copy is in the conservatory of Toulouse), to the organists as personal working instrument, either for a religious community to support the singing or play in soloist.


The conception also attempted to allow an easy practice: the measure of keyboards and pedalboard being established according to the usual standards of the modern instruments.

The "basic" model thus includes at least:
- 2 keyboards of 56 notes 
- 1 pedalboard of 32 German-style notes


The mechanics is direct and precise, the couplers are usual for this kind of instrument:

  - 1st keyboard on 2nd keyboard

  - 1st keyboard on pedalboard

  - 2nd keyboard on pedalboard



The composition was thought to allow, with few stops (3 or 5 according to the model), a practice of the repertoire in good conditions:


Study Organ 3 stops :

1st keyboard :

Montre 8' (c1 to b1 stopped, the number of stopped pipes is variable according to the available height in the room)

2nd keyboard :

Bourdon 8' (c1 to b1 in oak, the rest inlead 15%)

Flûte 4' (c1 to b1 stopped, the rest open, the mouth is 1/6th of the circumference)


Study Organ 5 stops :

On the 1st keyboard, there is a plenum : 

   Principal 8'


   Fourniture 2 rangs (2p et 1’ 1 1/3p)

on the 2nd keyboard :

   Second 8' (Bourdon, Flûte conique, Flûte traversine, etc…)

  a choice of 1 reed stop (cromorne, voix humaine, régale) or a flûte 4'


The composition can be discussed and modulated according to needs and taste of each, it is possible to add a "module" of pedal for a stop of 16' / 8' (soubasse 16') integrated into a stage 15 cms high which contains the action and the wind supply and on which the organ is put.

The case is drawn as the Italian positives of the 17th and 18th centuries: it is made of 2 bodies with shutters.

Two models of cases are proposed, voluntarily sober to leave the possibility to the buyer to choose himself his decoration, this one being able to be realized on request.

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