DAROCA (Espagne) - Colegiata Santa Maria La Major

Orgue : 2 keyboards, pedalboard - 28 stops -

keyboard de 49 notes sans 1er C# et D#





It is an historic organ in a Gothic case (end of 15th century) with a positive of the 16th century on which Pablo Bruna performed his profession of organist.

The project consisted in extending the case which had been cut in two during one of its transformations and to restore the instrumental part of the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century which had been preserved without irreversible major transformation.

The " Organo Mayor " has 16 registers in the "left hand" and 19 in the " right hand". The positive includes 8 registers in the "left hand" and 10 in the "right hand".
The pipes in facade dates 1470, origin of the organ. The instrumental part: the windchests and the wind supply were redone according to the principles used in the Aragonese organ building.

The doors were recreated according to ancient photos.










Composition :


Organo Mayor   Cadereta   Pedal
Mano izquierda Mano derecha Mano izquierda Mano derecha  
Flautado 8' Flautado 8' Violon Violon Contras 26 +13
Violon Violon Octava Octava  
Octava Octava Tapadillo 2ème Octava  
2ème Octava 2ème Octava Quincena Quincena  
Docena Docena Decinovena Decinovena  
Quincena Quincena Nasardo en 15a Nasardo en 15a  
Decinovena Decinovena   Nasardo en 17a  
Nasardo en 12a Nasardo en 12a Cimbala Cimbala  
Nasardo en 15a Nasardo en 15a Dulzaina Dulzaina  
Nasardo en 17a Nasardo en 17a      
Lleno Lleno      
Cimbala Cimbala      
  Corneta Magna      
  Corneta de Ecos      
Bajoncillo Clarin de Ecos      
Orlos Orlos      

Trompeta Real

Trompeta Real

Clarin en 15' Clarin Claro      
  Clarin de Campana      

Efectos : Gaita, Pajaritos, Tambor en D